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Who or What is a Make It So?

It's a company that specialises in delivering information technology and education to the commercial and domestic markets. Whether you want help with your cutting-edge software project, or need training for yourself or your company, or just want a new home computer or a bigger hard disk, we can help.

...Who was that again?

The principals of Make It So are Anne and Daniel Koch. Daniel codes, and Anne teaches. Both are experienced professionals, and can assist your company to achieve its goals.

OK, so what next?

Talk to us! The easiest way to contact us is to email "annie at makeitso dot com dot au" or "daniel at makeitso dot com dot au" now. For more information on Make It So and how to reach us, click here!

There's long-overdue new pictures of Alex and Mia Koch here, older pictures of Alex, his little sister Mia, or see some images of Daniel's old office here.

New! click here for Disaster Bay Chillies.

Coming Soon! Live webcam of our living room. Yes, again.