Alex Koch's Birth

Whadda you looking at?

Alexander Koch first came into existence with a bang (at least in one sense), on the night of February 3rd, 1997. From this auspicious start, he did absolutely nothing unusual for some months. A couple of weeks later, and three days after being proposed to (that's right - three days after), his mother noticed him (she deduced his existence from two small pink lines on a damp stick), and promptly gave up most of her fun.

He sat in on his parents' marriage from a close vantage, but failed to enjoy, indeed notice, their honeymoon in May. Qantas refused to credit him any frequent flyer points for the trip, claiming he didn't have a paid seat of his own. He made a small showing (indirectly) in at least one of the photos, however.

His parents, who still had no idea what they were in for, resolved to bring him into the world (well, their lounge room first) with the aid of an independent midwife, Maggie Lecky-Thompson. To everyone's complete surprise, he made his debut on time in the afternoon of Thursday the 30th of October, after an intense and prolonged (but otherwise normal) effort from his mum (not his dad, who basically just made the tea). He arrived, none the worse for wear, to torrents of applause and emotion from all present.

For those of us who are addicted to statistics, he weighed 3940g (8lb 11oz), and measured 52cm (20.5") long. He was born at 4:04pm on Thursday, 30th October 1997 (I just said that, didn't I?), after about 25 hours of labour, 9 months of waiting, and 10 minutes of fun. This makes him a Scorpio (because of the date, not the fun). He possesses 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 mouth and pair of lungs (which work), a light crop of hair, and everything else you'd expect.

But why don't I just show you some pictures? Each one is worth 1000 British Standard Words, or about 1387 of my own words:

One hour old This is only one hour after he was born. His dad seems kinda happy.
Here he is asleep again, a couple of days later, looking a little less red in the face. Sleeping again...
Bath time Granny giving him his very second bath (another favoured activity:-)
If you're still reading this, you can also check out his parent's own company page, and his Dad's workplace.

And there's a more up-to-date progress report on how the boy is taking the world by storm here.