Alex goes Camping!

(updated 2 Sept 98)

The Wonder Boy hits the Great Outdoors, at Myall Lakes and Barrington Tops, NSW

The beach We went to Myall Lakes National Park, and as the weather
had improved so much, we had lunch on the beach.
Shima likes camping. At our first campsite So does Alex.
There were some really cool trees there,
with the sunlight reflecting off the lake -
very nice.
The whole forest was bent!

Some shots of the lake next to our campsite.

This glider climbed right up Daniel, and sat there, eating our dinner.

Tawny frogmouth owls are very cool, and very silent...

Alex playing at our second campsite in Barrington Tops.
Shima watches Alex sitting on a mossy treestump.

Some shots of the river running past our second campsite: Simon standing by

And some other miscellaneous shots from Barrington Tops:
A very handsome Goanna Enough for a batallion of hippies ;-)

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