Alex's new Canadian page!

Here's our front door - not very exciting, but it's nice inside :-)

Our lounge room from the front door - you can only see some
of it from this angle, but there's a chair, a TV,
lots of Alex's toys,that sort of thing.

This is our kitchen. Nice & spacious, and all
very nicely renovated.

Alex in front of our back yard. You can see our landlady
(who lives above us) on the steps up to her new patio.

That's Rob the landlord with Alex,
looking from our front door.

A view from down our street. We live just up past the car
on the left side there.

The Canadian National Tower,
where we went to lunch for Mother's Day. Damn, it's big.

Bye bye...

For those who want to contact that gorgeous boy, our address is

31 Long Crescent
Toronto ON M4E 1N8

Tel: +1 416 258 5121

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