Alex - more than you ever wanted to know about him

(19 Dec 97)

Now there's a knowing smile...

The latest shots of the Wonder Boy himself...
But where's the hairdryer pointing?!? This is about as clean as you'll ever see him - 30 seconds out of the shower.
Alex in his very own car seat - backwards. Today we're off to see Maggie the Midwife, for a checkup. He loves a drive
Cool! :-) Maggie the Midwife has just told Alex that he's put on 1.5kg in the last four weeks alone!

And he'd grown at nearly 1.5cm a week, too. What a guy...
We don't think there's any relation to Quasimodo, but we can't be completely sure... !
surprise Yep - he's asleep again. Thank heavens he looks cute this way.
Cousin Charlie, Great Aunt Lucinda, Alex with lucky Cousin Ed and Anne (his Mum). Alex does The Family Thing
Anne seems kinda happy too Charlie's not bored, just envious, right?
Off for a walk round Rushcutter's Bay, in his own 4x4 stroller The Super Stroller

To be continued... tune in next year for more exciting action, when Alex fails to catch any crooks, sleeps through nail-biting terrorist attacks, and completely misses out on saving the world.

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